WORK has started on a controversial supermarket and housing development.

Diggers have been working on the former Royston High School site - despite long-running objections from residents and local councillors.

The new development includes a supermarket, petrol station and more than 140 new homes and is being overseen by Kier Property Developments.

Sam Morgan, of Doles Crescent, Royston, has complained to the ombudsman about the planning process.

He said they're unhappy about how they were consulted and thinks a late letter of objection from Royston's Asda about the impact on them of a new supermarket was not properly considered.

Sam said it was submitted just before plans were given the go-ahead.

He says the majority of people in Royston don't want the development and Barnsley Council has approved the plans because it can get £7million from the sale of the land.

A new supermarket will be detrimental to local businesses, he says, and Midland Road, running next to the development, will not be able to cope with more traffic.

"It just goes to show the planning department at Barnsley Council are showing as much scorn to the ombudsman as the people of Royston," he said.

Cllr Graham Kyte, who has been opposed to the development, said local councillors had not been kept informed.

"Local members are completely out of the loop, we've had no communication from Kier or from the authority," he said.

"We're completely in the dark as ever. It's appalling they're just disregarding us all together, whether it's because we're opposing it I don't know."

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