ANGRY residents have blasted vandals for wrecking part of the handrail on a pedestrian bridge and putting walkers at risk.

Thurlstone locals were left incensed after discovering a section of metal handrail had been sawn off a walkway over the River Don in woodland off Thurlstone Road.

Sarah Burke, 42, who spotted the damage, said the railing was discarded in the water.

"You do wonder who's living in your neighbourhood when someone hacks a metal handrail off a bridge.

"My first thought was that someone walking over the bridge at night will fall in. I couldn't quite believe it.

"What kind of cynical, mindless idiots would do that?"

The route across the bridge is well-used as a shortcut to and from Thurlstone and is also popular with children and dog walkers.

A Barnsley Council spokesman said the incident had been reported by a member of the public and a temporary fence will be erected.