RESEARCH has shown that Dodworth is in the top 50 slowest places in the UK for broadband speed. What do you think to your area's speed? Have your say on our WAB Debate.

The 2013 UK Rural Broadband Survey combines a short questionnaire about quality of service received with an automatic speed test, to build up a picture of the service experienced by internet users in different areas across the UK. You can take part in that by clicking here.

A few months ago, work was carried out by BT in Penistone to improve the area's connectivity speeds and Goldthorpe is also due to be upgraded by the end of spring 2014, but other parts of the region are woefully slow.

Tom Keeney, BT's regional director, said: "Research suggests that within 15 years, fibre broadband could bolster the economy of a typical town by £143million and create 225 new jobs, 140 new businesses and 1,000 more homeworkers."

So what's it like in your area? Tell us where you're from and if you're happy with your broadband speed on our WAB Debate.