IT'S thought hundreds of retired miners in Barnsley will lose out on free coal for life and have their pensions cut after UK Coal went into administration.

They're among thousands across the country who will no longer receive their annual fuel concession. It's also thought they will have their pensions cut by ten per cent.

The move has been made by the Pension Protection Fund to guarantee the jobs of workers still with UK Coal.

The decision will affect anyone who worked in the mining industry after privatisation on January 1, 1995.

Ex-miner and MP Mick Clapham believes a significant number of people in town will be affected and said they will lose out on about four tonnes of coal per year.

"It would be a bitter blow for them, particularly with this period of austerity," he said.

"It will be an added cost and these people may find it hard to come to terms with decreasing incomes. My view is it should be maintained, it's their right and was written into miners' contracts."

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