BARNSLEY Council is set to spend £25million over the next five years to boost the town's economy, including more improvements for the town centre. Where would you spend the money? Have your say on our WAB Debate.

The Barnsley Economic Plan hopes to create more jobs and businesses, while at the same time developing a vibrant town centre that will attract more visitors and investors.

Money will be spent on the town centre, a retail academy will be set up in an empty shop in the Arcade to help new business growth, there will be work to establish new industrial parks, more roads will be improved and there will be 100 new apprenticeships.

Council leader Sir Steve Houghton says the spending is vital - despite the tough economic climate with redundancies amongst the council's staff and millions of pounds being slashed from the budget.

"The town has got to move forward for all the financial difficulties and cuts we're facing," he said.

"Despite all the problems, we still have to do good things, we have to do the right things, we cannot simply sit and do nothing.

"The council tried simply hoping things would get better in the 1980s when facing massive cuts - nothing improved, things just got worse.

"We also have to continue the development of the town centre. We have to develop a vibrant town centre because we need people and businesses to move here, to invest here."

The refurbishment of Regent Street, Eldon Street, Regent Street South, Royal Street, Hanson Street, Eastgate and Market Hill will also commence.

What do you think to this? Which areas need improving? Have your say below.