A COMMUNITY group has vowed to carry on after their youth cabin suffered at the hands of thoughtless vandals.

The vandals broke into the cabin of Dale Park Community Group, in Worsborough Dale Park, and set off two fire extinguishers.

This has resulted in the entire cabin having to be professionally cleaned, due to potentially hazardous chemicals found in extinguisher foam.

Any materials which have had contact with the foam have had to be disposed of, such as the uniforms of youth group staff and chairs.

The intruders also stole an empty till, a boiler, food and even a fly killer light. A set of catering knives was also taken. One had been used to stab a dividing wall several times, before being left impaled in the surface.

The cabin is owned by Dale Park Community Group, which is a registered charity and is run by volunteers. The youth cabin is used as part of the summer play scheme, which runs during weekday afternoons.

The play scheme keeps local children busy during the summer months by running a variety of activities such as rounders, kite flying and arts and crafts.

Amanda Robinson, 32, treasurer and director of the community group, said: "It's very hard to explain to the younger ones when they ask if the bad people been locked up. We don't want to let the children down, so we've continued with our outdoor sport activities until the cabin is safe to use again.

"Some of these children rely on us, some of them don't even get a holiday."