A SHOP at the Elsecar Heritage Centre which sells toys and educational resources to the community and teachers will be reopening today - after being closed for three months.

WoWHoW - the learning through play toy shop at Elsecar Heritage Centre - became flooded when a water pipe above the shop burst and caused thousands of pounds of damage. Initially, owner Lisa hoped that the shop would reopen within a few weeks - but it has taken months for the repairs to be done.

Owner Lisa said: "It's just been absolutely horrific - because we rent the shop we've had to wait for the repairs to be done so it has all been out of our hands.

"I remember coming in to work that day and water was pouring out of the windows and under the door. When I opened the door it was like it was torrential rain inside. It was a nightmare, this was our little business and it was all ruined.

"I'm just so glad we can open again - the bad thing is that there are many little units at Elsecar that come and go and we don't want people to think that happened to us. I've heard it myself - with people talking and assuming we've gone. We're just relieved we can go back."


* Pictures courtesy of Picture Proud.*