A CORONER has written to Barnsley Hospital asking for a review of its records for mothers and babies following the death of a one-day-old boy.

Dylan Clarke died in January 2012 after an infection suffered by his mother, Danielle, wasn't noted in his medical records and the paediatrician who discharged them was unaware of it.

Deputy coroner Neil Fox said in the letter that miscommunication could be reduced, as well as workloads, by having just one form for patients which could be used both within the hospital and in the community.

He asked the hospital to consider streamlining the report format.

Danielle, of Elmwood Way, Barnsley, gave birth to Dylan on January 5.

A report to the hospital's board of directors said a urine sample from a previous admission had shown Danielle had an infection.

She was given intravenous antibiotics for a raised temperature and increased pulse prior to inducing labour and the midwife documented her as 'high risk' as a result.

There were no complications during the birth and Dylan was found to be behaving like a normal, healthy baby.

Danielle and Dylan's records were filled in, but Danielle's infection was not recorded as part of the baby's records.

This meant a paediatrician, who examined Dylan before discharging both him and Danielle, was unaware of the infection and the antibiotics Danielle had been given.

They left the ward at 7pm, but overnight Dylan became cold.

He was wrapped in an extra blanket and Danielle and husband Mathew took him to accident and emergency at 7am the next day - where he was declared dead.

A post mortem revealed the baby died of pneumonia.