OVER 600 people have registered interest to take part in the Barnsley Hospital Zombie Run later this year - including groups from Holland and Norway.

The five-kilometre off-road race, organised in aid of the Barnsley Hospital Charity, takes place at Worsbrough Mill and Country Park on October 19.

Runners this year face two problems on the route, with 12 obstacles and hundreds of blood-thirsty zombies hot on their heels.

Katie Cartwright, fundraising manager for Barnsley Hospital Charity, is pleased with the response - particularly with people coming from overseas.

She said: "So far we've got about 600 who have registered interest and it's not taking place until October so I think we're going to sell out to the capacity of about 1,000 places.

"We're going to have to send runners out in waves of about 200 people at a time at 20-minute intervals.

"I'm really pleased with how it's going and I think it's a mix of things that's attracted people, with new zombie films and TV shows like The Walking Dead playing a part.

"It's something different to do and we've even got groups of people coming from Holland and Norway who have heard about it on social media sites."