A MAN has been given a 22-week jail term for grabbing his former partner by the neck and saying: 'I am going to smash you across the living room if the police come'.

Ryan Haley, 33, also punched Emily Brown and called her 'a grassing little bitch', Barnsley Magistrates' Court was told.

Jade Bucklow, prosecuting, said trouble started when Ms Brown bumped into Haley in the town centre at 3am and the pair went back to her home.

She said Haley became emotional and there was an argument about money.

Miss Bucklow said: "Mr Haley became aggressive and stormed around the living room.

"Emily Brown said the police had been called and Mr Haley replied: 'You had better not call the police, you grassing little bitch' and punched a door.

"Emily's mother Julie was present and when she tried to intervene, he pushed her.

"Mr Haley grabbed Emily by the neck. She lashed out at him and punched him in self defence. He punched her.

"Mr Haley said to Emily: 'I am going to smash you across the living room if the police come'. Officers arrived within minutes."

Philip Stables, defending, said Haley, of no fixed address, had been freed from jail early about eight weeks before the incident.

He said Haley and Ms Brown were 'on reasonably good terms' and she allowed him to stay with her occasionally.

District Judge John Foster said: "I cannot imagine how you think your behaviour is going to convince a court to allow you to have contact with the child.

"If you want to play a part in your child's life you're going to have to change your behaviour quickly and dramatically. You're not a fit person to play a part in your child's life."

Haley admitted two assaults and criminal damage.