A MOTHER spent six hours locked up when police tried to seize her son's off-road bike.

Karen Todd, 46, was arrested for being 'hostile' to two officers and it was only established later that her teenage son could not have ridden the bike illegally, as suspected, Barnsley Magistrates' Court was told.

Todd's solicitor Alan Greaves said a showdown between Todd and the officers in the garden of her home at Windsor Avenue, Kexborough, could have been avoided if there had been a more thorough police investigation.

Mr Greaves said police tried to seize the bike after receiving reports from the public who suspected Todd's son had been riding it illegally.

He explained: "The boy had earlier fallen off the bike and damaged it while on a track where it could be legally ridden. His mum was being protective of her son and protesting about the bike being taken away.

"One of the officers would not listen. All he was interested in was taking the bike away.

"I can just - but only just - accept the officers were acting in the execution of their duty. But the police should have made more enquiries.

"Instead, things got a bit heated. Mrs Todd should have received a caution. She was arrested, spent six hours in police custody and has ended up in court."

Jayne Ormrod, prosecuting, said Todd, who works at a frozen food shop, gave the officers an angry reception when they came for the bike.

She said: "Mrs Todd was hostile and aggressive. She said that the officers were picking on her son.

"She swore and told the officers to go away and get a search warrant. She grabbed hold of the bike's handlebar and would not let go.

"There was a big dog in the garden. She shouted at the dog to 'get them'."

Todd admitted resisting the officers and was given an absolute discharge and excused from paying costs of the case.