X-FACTOR boy band The Risk has confirmed that it will be playing in Barnsley in December - in a performance exclusively for council workers.

Mat Trueman, one of the new owners of Escapade, booked the band to appear at the club on December 16 for a 5.30pm performance for the council's Christmas Party.

He said: "The Christmas party that's exclusively for council workers have been held in Escapade since 2008 and historically it has been a great night out. We wanted to put on a real show and the moment The Risk got voted out of the X-Factor we were on the phone trying to book them.

"We want to really blow people away and we've got a lot planned."

Escapade will be closed to the public until 9pm for the council party - the council are not paying for the party but council staff will have to buy a ticket each, priced at £3, with all the money going to the Mayor's charity. Only people who produce a valid council ID badge will be able to buy a ticket.