THE owner of a fish bar in Monk Bretton has spoken of the terrifying moment three men stole the till which contained about £200.

Pindy Kaur and her husband Bill Singh, who own Ocean Fish Bar on Judy Row, were tidying up when the men, one wearing tights over his face, jumped over the counter and made off with the till.

Pindy, 42, was tidying up at about 10.20pm last Thursday when the men came in.

She said: "They came in and stood near the till. The next thing I knew, they were trying to pick it up and I was trying to get it back. I was thinking 'you're not having this till' but in the end I had to give in.

"I was really frightened. When I called the police to report it, I couldn't talk. I was shaken to the core. Who knows what could have happened?"

Bill, 50, had been tidying up in the back of the shop and came running out after hearing Pindy screaming.

The couple have reported the incident to the police, who are examining CCTV footage. Pindy suffered minor bruising.

She added: "We've owned the shop for nearly seven years and we've had break-ins before with people trying to get in round the back, but never anything like this.

"One of my children comes down to stay with me on an evening which makes me feel better."

Pindy said the till had been recovered in the allotments behind the medical centre on High Street.

She said a till was also stolen from Woody's Cafe, also on Judy Row, the previous Thursday. It was also found at the allotments.