A ROADSHOW highlighting the symptoms of lung cancer will visit Barnsley, after it was revealed that people were hesitant about reporting symptoms to their doctor.

There are about 196 cases diagnosed in Barnsley and up to 171 deaths every year but figures released by Public Health England show that people would not report a cough they've had for three weeks, which is a key symptom of lung cancer, to their doctor.

Experts warn that more lives could be saved if lung cancer is spotted and diagnosed earlier.

Those diagnosed at the earliest stage are five times more likely to survive lung cancer for at least five years than those diagnosed at a late stage.

The roadshow, at the Alhambra Centre, is part of the NHS Be Clear on Cancer campaign and will encourage people to report persistent coughs to their GPs.

Dr Cathy Read, consultant in public health, said: "The figures from Yorkshire and Humber show that more needs to be done to raise awareness of the signs of lung cancer and ultimately save more lives.

"Only by increasing awareness of potential symptoms, and encouraging people to visit their doctor sooner rather than later, will we see the number of early diagnoses, and people surviving the disease, start to rise.”

The roadshow is in town on Wednesday and Thursday.