TWO train lines thought to form tunnels as part of the high speed rail link through Barnsley will now go overground, it has been revealed.

Upper Hoyland Road resident Kevin Hogan, 72, discovered the shock news after writing to HS2 Ltd, the firm dealing with the plans to run a high speed rail network from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds, on behalf of the government.

The route near his home was originally thought to be planned as twin tunnels, eight metres beneath the surface.

He was told in a letter from HS2 Ltd official William Shockley that the superfast train line will be 30 metres away from his property - about the length of a cricket pitch.

"It is a vast change from what our neighbours believed was to happen," he said.

"It seems there has been a complete change of plan. People should know."

In a letter to Mr Hogan, Mr Shockley said the initial preferred route was published in January this year, with a final decision on route options expected at the end of 2014.

He wrote: "At the point at which it passes your property, the line of the route would be on the surface, and at a distance of approximately 30m away."

Consultation on the route started on Wednesday and will close on January 31 next year.

Responses can be logged on their website and can also be posted to:


Phase Two Route Consultation 

PO Box 1152