RESIDENTS were evacuated and a street closed off after a garage workshop was destroyed by fire on Tuesday night (November 15) - including the car that was inside it.

The building - which had a Volkswagen Golf GTi inside - contained an acetelyne cylinder which was why fire crews took the precaution of adding a 200m safety corden in place on Engine Lane in Grimethorpe to Cudworth.

A spokesman said: "Firefighters from Cudworth and Royston stations arrived at around 8.15pm and immediately began to administer a cooling jet to the venting cylinder.

"Due to the explosive nature of acetelyne cylinders, the occupants of the end terraced house next to the garage were evacuated. Other nearby residents were allowed to remain at home but advised to stay indoors.

"Fire crews continued to cool the cylinder until performing 'wet tests' and receiving expert advice from the manufacturers that cylinder was safe."

Fire crews left the scene at 1.45am this morning and investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing. Indications show it was likely an accidental fire.

* Photo courtesy of Wayne Gilmore *