CONTROVERSIAL plans forcing parents to buy uniforms from their child's school have been scrapped by Shafton ALC.

School bosses made a U-turn following a meeting of governors last Monday, prompted by the reaction to their intention to make parents buy plain black trousers and skirts from school.

Their aim was to ensure consistency so all pupils would have identical uniforms in September, in readiness for the school becoming an academy next year.

But parents said the cost £12.50 for a pair of trousers or a skirt was more than double that in a supermarket.

Lisa Allott, acting headteacher, has now sent a letter to parents, going back on the decision.

"We have listened to your concerns and it has been resolved to allow skirts and trousers to be purchased from other suppliers, for example supermarkets, high street shops and other uniform shops," she said.

"I hope this supports you and your family to be able purchase additional items of uniform as you see appropriate."