A WORLD record was broken last weekend at Elsecar Heritage Centre when a glass bottle sold for more than £12,000.

The sale took place during BBR's annual summer national specialist collectors' weekend and the bottle involved a Schons Patent Codd bottle.

It was estimated to go for between £4,000 and £6,000 but on the day sold for more than twice its predicted figure - selling for £12,390.

The bottle is valued highly because of its rarity but this one more so because it's the world's only surviving bottle with patented bent wire opener.

Other items sold high as well with one whisky bottle selling for £4,000 - after being estimated to go for between £600 and £800.

Organiser Alan Blakeman said: "It was an absolutely fantastic weekend and the weather helped. The woman who sent in the box of bottles with the Codd bottle in didn't know how much they were worth, so she's in for a surprise."