CHAT show king Sir Michael Parkinson has got a blunt question for all the blokes in Barnsley: "Can you pee against the wall from two feet away?" Parky is not issuing a macho challenge - there is a serious message behind his inquiry.

The 78-year-old has been diagnosed with prostate cancer - and he is using his fame to make other men aware of the symptoms.

"Seriously I want to ask every single man in Barnsley that question," he said. "Can they pee against that wall?

"Because if they cannot hit the wall from two feet away then they really need to get themselves checked out. There may be no pain or discomfort or symptoms, but they need to go to the doctor.

"I would be thrilled if the number of men getting checked out in Barnsley increased because of my condition."

The Barnsley-born TV star is undergoing radiotherapy treatment every morning and is expected to make a full recovery after spotting the condition early.


The former Barnsley Grammar School pupil is getting up at 5am every day to travel to a London hospital for treatment at 9am so he can then get home and back to work.