STUDENTS at a Barnsley school were presented with a Diana Award by bodybuilder Jodie Marsh for their hard work in stamping out bullying.

The group, from Carlton Community College, were featured in the Jodie's television programme which aired on Channel Five in April.

The former glamour model travelled to America to meet teachers using groundbreaking anti-bullying methods and implemented them at the college on her return.

Together she and principal Neil Hutchinson looked for a group of students who had who had challenging behaviours and backgrounds, or were seen as academically influential or sporty, to become 'anti-bullying champions'.

Neil said: "The kids have been recognised nationally for the quality of their work on anti-bullying.

"I'm very proud of them. If any school denies having a bullying problem, they're living in cloud cuckoo land.

"When there's a problem, the children are there and we work to restore the status quo. The school is a much quieter place now than when I first came last year - it's a good place to be."