A GROUP of travellers have set up camp on a playing field at Kingstone where youngsters meet to play football every weekend.

They have moved at least 20 caravans onto the recreation ground off Broadway and strung up washing lines between trees.

One woman on Linton Close, who did not want to be named, said: "I saw them at the weekend and thought it must be the Caravan Club. It was only when I saw the washing hung up I realised it must be travellers."

Another said she believed they had broken a lock on a gate to the park to gain entry.

She added: “There are kids who play football on there most Sundays, it’s not fair. What are they going to do now? I don’t agree with them being there, they’re always going on land where they shouldn’t be.”

A spokesman for Barnsley Council said: "This group of travellers has recently encamped illegally.

"A legal process has begun, with the final decision on the appropriate legal action to be decided at a case conference, and following an encampment visit by a Barnsley Council officer."