A NEW school is set to open in Goldthorpe in late 2015.

The new primary school and nursery, which was planned as part of the Goldthorpe masterplan, will be located on a cleared site in central Goldthorpe, just off the Doncaster Road/Main Street area.

The existing Goldthorpe Primary School is more than 100 years old and currently requires an estimated £1.3million worth of repairs.

It's also recognised that the school isn't big enough to cope with the projected population growth for the area.

Cllr Roy Miller said the new school would act as a catalyst for investment in the area and bring a much-needed uplift to Goldthorpe.

“An improved school facility for the children in the Dearne is fantastic and the community has waited for a new school for a number of years, since the regeneration funding was cut,” he said.

“The school will also raise the confidence of businesses and housing developers in Goldthorpe and will we hope make a significant contribution to the future economic prosperity of the area.”

By early August, the last remaining properties on Main Street are due for demolition. A total of 107 properties have been demolished, which have all been secured via negotiation with home owners and businesses.

The economic renewal of Goldthorpe is a key priority for Barnsley Council. In 2012 the council began the consultation process on the potential allocation of 157 hectares of land for employment uses.

There's recently been improvements made to the high street that have improved the appearance of the town centre and there are plans to provide further assistace, subject to funding approval.

Further updates will be provided and the community will be consulted as part of the planning process.