A GUIDE leader has described the thief who has put a children's summer camping trip in jeopardy as 'scum'.

Silkstone Guides worked hard to raise funds to buy a trailer that carries all their camping gear, and had been looking forward to using it this month at an international guides camp in Lincoln.

But a man was seen stealing the jockey wheel of the trailer last month, and unless the money can be found to buy a replacement the trip will be off.

The guide's leader, who does not want to be named, said: "The only word I could use to describe someone who would steal from little children is scum," she said.

"The trailer is parked in the same place all the time - everyone knows it belongs to the guides. Try as I might I just can't imagine how anyone could do a thing like this.

The wheel was stolen from the trailer as it was parked off Sheffield Road, Barnsley, last month.

The guide said: "The trailer cost us £400 which is an awful lot of money for a guide group like ours - everyone worked very hard for a long time to raise the money and now this happens.

"I don't know yet how much a replacement wheel will cost but I do know we haven't got any spare money.

"The camp, later this month, will be our first trip of the year. I don't know how I will break the news to them if I am forced to that we might have to cancel it.

"But the sad fact is without a replacement wheel the trailer and the guides are going nowhere.

"It would be nice if the horrible person who stole it would show some compassion and give it back - but I'm not holding my breath."