INFORMATION comparing the mortality rates of surgeons with the national average shows those operating at Barnsley Hospital are within the expected limits.

There are four audits relevant to Barnsley Hospital: orthopaedics, endocrine and thyroid, urology and colorectal.

The orthopaedics audit was published last Monday and lists eight surgeons: Abraham Odumala, Aly Hany Mohammed Aly Ismaiel, Janos Patko, Kalid Abdlslam, Muhammed Rashid, Muhammed Zakariya G M Khan, Nebal Shaath and Zafar Nur.

The mortality rates of all eight are all in line with the expected rate of 0.4 per cent for knee replacement surgery and 0.6 per cent for hip replacement surgery.

Data relating to colorectal surgery will be published later this year.

The hospital has not submitted any data for urology and endocrine and thyroid surgery audits, as they do not have to but surgeons will be submitting data for publication in the future.

No surgeons at Barnsley Hospital have withheld consent to their data being published.