TOWN centre roads came to a standstill last week as the final push to finish the new bus corridor on Wakefield Road/Burton Road got underway.

Old Mill Lane was reduced to one inbound lane, two outbound lanes, and an outbound lane at the Burton Road junction because of the reduced road width.

It was to allow new inbound lanes to be constructed, remove a free-flowing outbound lane and install a second set of traffic signals at the Burton Road junction.

The change caused chaos through the afternoon, bringing Old Mill Lane, Wakefield Road and Burton Road to a standstill and had a knock-on effect causing standing traffic on Harborough Hill Road and Huddersfield Road.

Cllr Roy Miller is urging people to be patient.

"Most of the delays experienced on Monday were caused by frustrated and inconsiderate drivers," he said. "They ignored red lights and subsequently blocked the road for people coming the opposite way, whose signals would then have been on green.

"Eventually, this caused gridlock, which had to be cleared manually.

"We accept that there would have been some additional delays to traffic resulting from the loss of one outbound lane.

"However, this would not have been a problem had people obeyed the Highway Code and stopped when the lights instructed them to do so."