TENNIS in the town has been resurgent since Andy Murray's historic Wimbledon win.

The town’s tennis club has reported a boom in member interest after Murray became the first Brit to win at Wimbledon since Fred Perry's 1936 victory.

The courts at Huddersfield Road have been packed and with the continuing warm weather, it's set to continue.

Chairman Chris Day said: "Murray mania has definitely hit Barnsley and we’re all feeling the Murray effect.

"The win has led to more enquiries, the phone has been ringing, people have been visiting the website and the courts are much busier.

"For a Brit to win the men’s event at Wimbledon for the first time in almost 80 years was absolutely fantastic, and there’s a real feel-good factor around the country at the moment which is impacting Barnsley too.

"Lots of youngsters have been coming down and enjoying the facilities and we’ve also had interest from adults who are wanting to give it a go.

"The interest in Barnsley Tennis Club increases every year during Wimbledon but even more so this time due to Andy Murray’s great triumph."