PLANS for up to 300 houses in Staincross will be subject to public scrutiny today.

The consultation, at Mapplewell Village Hall, Darton Lane, is on Wednesday from 4.30-7.30pm and has been organised by Community Consulting prior to submitting a planning application.

The land is part of a site allocated for housing in the draft of the local development framework, the council's ten-year planning policy document.

A leaflet handed out by Community Consultations says the draft master plan it 'currently envisages' is for a development of up to 300 houses, with two, three and four bedrooms.

It says: "The exhibition event is designed to provide the local community with the opportunity to review and comment upon the draft proposals.

"It is also an opportunity to meet the team who will be happy to answer any questions."

When it first came to light the land could be developed for housing in July last year, it came under criticism from a local green space group.

Chairman of Mapplewell and Staincross Greenspace Group, David Hilton, warned then that would leave the land open to residential developments on what is the only remaining open green space in Staincross and Mapplewell.

David, of Paddock Road, whose home overlooks the proposed housing site, believes the green space should be protected and former industrial 'brownfield' sites used instead.

"The site is close to Mapplewell Park and allotments, providing an area for residents and park users to exercise themselves and their pets," he said.