A BARNSLEY MP has taken the concerns of the town's flood victims to the top at Yorkshire Water.

He travelled to Bradford to meet its chief executive, Richard Flint, to raise the concerns of the long-suffering residents of Lang Avenue in Lundwood.

The visit followed his recent visit to the company’s sewage treatment works, which are next to Lang Avenue.

Residents there have long been complaining about ‘unacceptable’ levels of smells and flies coming from the Yorkshire Water treatment works.

There are also concerns about flooding and the extent to which Yorkshire Water held any responsibility for preventing a reoccurrence.

"Residents in Lang Avenue have had a lot to put up with in terms of flies, flooding and odours," said Mr Jarvis. "That's why I felt it was essential for me to fully understand their situation, by visiting the sewage treatment works site myself and then to take their concerns to the top of Yorkshire Water.

"I spelt out to Mr Flint just what a difficult time they've been having and we had a very productive meeting.

"Mr Flint assured me that all odour control units are fully working at the site and are maintained on a regular basis. This maintenance will continue so that any operational issues that may occur to trigger odours are identified straight away.

"Yorkshire Water has secured approximately £35,000 of funding to renew the netting on the fly beds to protect against flies.

"The work to complete the renewal of the netting is expected to be complete in the next three months.

"In relation to the flooding incident, this was caused by a rise in river levels and heavy rainfall. It was the river beds that flooded, not the sewage pumping station.

"Due to this, Yorkshire Water will not carry out any work to remedy this issue as the river is the responsibility of the Environment Agency.

"However, I know that councillors have been working with the both the Environment Agency and Barnsley Council to secure funding for flood prevention measures.

“I will be writing directly to all residents in Lang Avenue to update them on this progress."