PENISTONE has been talked about as the land that time forgot and things have taken a prehistoric turn - thanks to the arrival of a six-foot dinosaur.

While many people settle for a simple garden gnome, Bluebell Avenue resident Robert Oates decided to create an extreme front garden feature after the beast was left at his work.

The creature is believed to be an old prop from TV comedy Last of the Summer Wine, which was filmed in Holmfirth. It was one of a number of items from the programme stored at Penistone Paper, Sheffield Road, Springvale.

Robert, 49, who saved it from the scrapheap, said: "There was a bit of stuff left behind and that was one of the things. I brought it home, stuck it together, because it was in bits, and stuck it in the garden."

Despite not being the biggest fan of the BBC programme, which first aired in 1973, Robert is pleased to have his own piece of television memorabilia and hinted it may become a permanent fixture on the street he has lived on all his life. 

"Kids seem to like it, as well as people looking at it from buses - it's kind of a good garden feature and something a bit unusual."