A CATALOGUE of injuries that people suffered in the work place have been revealed as part of council report that show 202 accidents were recorded in the last year.

Employers face legal action if they fail to report work-related accidents, incidents and diseases and the list of accidents varies from a customer who collapsed after an allergy to vodka to the supermarket worker who slipped on a grape.

Here's a run down of the types of accident recorded in Barnsley and investigated by the council in the last year:

* Warehouse worker hit by pallet mover * Gym user burned by steam in steam room * Customer slipped at a foam party * Security guard fell into colleague * Shop worker tripped over hole in floor * Fast food worker slipped and fell onto griddle * Supermarket trolley tipped over with two children in it * Child fell from play equipment in pub

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesman, said: “The reporting of certain work-related injuries, incidents and diseases is a legal requirement. With the move to an online reporting system we are concerned that this may have a negative impact on the numbers of accidents, incidents and diseases that are reported and may also see employers falling foul of the law by not reporting them.

"We would also encourage employees to report any health and safety issues at work in confidence so our officers can investigate.”