AN anonymous painter has donated a piece of their art to the Pollyanna store - creating quite a stir and something of a mystery.

The detailed oil painting was left on a table outside the cafe entrance in George Yard in the town centre.

It depicts a scene inside the cafe and is so good that owner Rita Britton says that every single person in the painting is immediately recognisable.

Rita herself appears in the work of art, as does her husband Geoff, several other staff members and regular customers.

There was no note with the painting, the only writing on the canvas reveals it was created in 2012 by 'Gorilla Art'.

Rita says she's baffled as to the artist's identity and how they managed to create such accurate likenesses without ever being seen by customers or staff.

"Obviously if someone had been sitting here day after day doing sketches we would have noticed," she said.

"So either they took photographs with a mobile phone then used the photographs to create the painting or they have a truly remarkable memory for faces and features.

"It has obviously been left here as a gift and I am thrilled and we will be hanging it within the cafe area.

"I have never heard of Gorilla Art - perhaps it's Barnsley's answer to Banksy."