JUNE 26 saw George Osborne's Spending Review. Here are its key points, as it happened.

1234: Chancellor George Osborne says the coalition has taken the economy back from the brink of bankruptcy.

1235: Mr Osborne promises high-quality public services at an affordable price.

1235: The chancellor says the unfairness of the "something-for-nothing culture" of welfare will end.

1238: From £157bn of annual borrowing by 2010, this year's figure will fall to £108bn, the chancellor tells MPs.

1240: An extra £11.5bn in savings is needed, the chancellor says, adding that this is "not easy".

1242: The chancellor announces that automatic annual rises up pay grades in the public sector will end. The armed forces will be excluded from this reform.

1243: Some 144,000 fewer people will work in the public sector by 2015-16, Mr Osborne says.

1244: The Cabinet Office will see its resource budget cut by 10%, Mr Osborne says.

1246: The local government department will have to make savings of 10%, Mr Osborne says.

1247: Council tax will be frozen for two years from 2014, Mr Osborne says.

1248: People's satisfaction with council services has increased under the coalition, Mr Osborne says.

1251: There will be 10% savings to the Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland offices.

1253: As previously announced, civilian Ministry of Defence staff will be cut, but military capability will not, Mr Osborne says.

1253: The defence equipment budget will increase by 1% in 2015-16.

1254: Veterans' families will be supported using fines raised from those found to have done wrong in the Libor banking scandal.

1255: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will make 8% savings in 2015-16.

1257: The Home Office will be asked to make cuts of 6%. The police budget will be reduced "by less than that", the chancellor says.

1257: The Ministry of Justice will make savings of 10% in 2015-16.

1300: The Department for Transport will have its day-to-day spending cut by 9% in 2015-16.

1303: The Department for Energy and Climate Change will have its budget cut by 8% and the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs by 10%.

1303: The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will face a budget cut of 6% in 2015-16.

1304: The resource budget for science will be maintained and the capital budget increased, Mr Osborne says.

1307: The Department for Education and Skills, whose spending on schools has been ring-fenced, will see its overall budget increase to £53bn in 2015-16.

1307: Schools' spending will be allocated "in a fairer way" across the country, Mr Osborne says.

1309: The government will provide funding for 180 new free schools in 2015-16.

1310: The top fifth of the population, in terms of income, will lose the most from this spending round.

1311: The HM Revenue and Customs budget will fall by 5% in 2015-16.

1315: Mr Osborne says the NHS will provide a "proper, joined-up" service under reforms proposed by the coalition.

1317: A welfare cap will be applied from April 2015, the chancellor says, and it will be set every year in the Budget.

1317: The state pension will not be included in the welfare cap, Mr Osborne adds.

1319: The chancellor says winter fuel payments to people living abroad will be changed in autumn 2015. They will be linked to a "temperature test", removing them from people living in hot countries.

1320: The Department for Work and Pensions will have to find savings of £9.5bn in its running costs in 2015-16.

13.22: From now on, if benefit claimants cannot speak English, they will be required to take lessons until they can or face cuts in payments.

1323: There will be additional welfare savings in 2015-16 of £4bn, the chancellor says. 

1324: The Museums Association says the 10% cut to local government funding will impact negatively on services. Director Mark Taylor said: "Predictably, local government is low down the food chain and we know that local government museums or independent museums supported by them are way down the local government food chain. The result can only be less museums, opening less and providing less services."