PETER Wilkinson - who has battled brain cancer twice before the age of 27 - is hoping that a scan in July will continue to remain cancer free.

Peter, of Hawthorne Street, was the winner of a Proud of Barnsley award in 2012, taking top place in the Triumph Over Adversity category.

He had been fighting a tumour since May 2007 and had undergone radiotherapy and nine months of chemotherapy.

He was given the all clear but then in October 2012 he relapsed and had to undergo major surgery for another brain tumour. It resulted in the loss of his sense of smell and taste.

In January, he had a further one-off treatment with GammaKnife - gamma radiation - which has been working.

"My next scan is in July and I'm hoping the tumour is dead and that I'm cancer free," he said.

Peter, 27, is a film editor at, a video site for young people with cancer to share their experiences. He has made 44 mini films and most recently has been working on one about his own experiences called the Relapse Diaries.

"Life is quite good at the minute. I haven't let the cancer stop me."

Peter said that one of the ways he copes is through 'tumour humour.'

"It's about finding humour in places where you don't think there is any," he said. "Everyone has their own way of getting through, but I stay positive."

He added that he had been on holiday to Turkey due to the good news from his previous scan, and had also booked another trip to St Lucia in anticipation of good news from his scan in July.

"You accept that you're going through a tough time, but you still try and reach your goals."