A TIME-CONSUMING spate of deliberate fires have been causing trouble for firefighters.

A crew from Cudworth was called to Grange Lane at Cundy Cross last Wednesday night, at about 9.50pm, spent half an hour extinguishing burning bushes.

The firefighters left the scene at 10.20pm after extinguishing the blaze. A spokesman for the fire service said the incident was believed to have been deliberate.

Crews them made their way to a derelict domestic garage at Grimethorpe.

Firefighters from Cudworth were called to Old Royd Avenue at 11pm where they found a small amount of rubbish on fire in the vacant garage.

The crew stayed for about 40 minutes until the fire was extinguished.

Grassland was also set on fire in Wombwell on the same night.

Firefighters from Cudworth were called to Pearson Crescent and spent about 40 minutes tackling the blaze.