THE public’s views on Barnsley Council's transport services will soon be compared with others across England, thanks to the National Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction survey.

Barnsley Council is one of 70 local authorities to sign up to the survey that will ask the public the exact same questions.

For the sixth year the survey will be run after months of hard work, between the National Highways and Transport Network (NHT) and a regional Highways Service Improvement Group.

The questionnaire will be sent to 4,500 Barnsley residents throughout July, with results expected to be compared and then published in the early autumn.

Anyone who receives a survey is urged to take part, as more partipants creates more accurate results and for the first time this year, you will have the option to complete the survey on line if they prefer.

"There are clear benefits to conducting a public survey in this way," said Cllr Roy Miller. "As well as providing excellent value for money, it also enables everyone involved to identify areas of best practice and spot national, regional and local trends.

"This is not about producing a league table to champion one geographical area over another, it's about understanding customer views better and working together to deliver the best possible outcomes for local residents."