THE inaugural LIVE in Barnsley music festival is nearly here. Here's your WAB Guide on where to go. It all starts in 90 minutes!

The promo has been done, the merchandise has been readied and Saturday's extravaganza is set to start at 12pm.

Starting out as a simple idea when discussing Sheffield's Tramlines festival, LIVE in Barnsley's organisers then pitched the idea to a landlord meeting - and 11 of them came forward to offer their venue.

"You can really feel the build up of expectation," said Dave Pearsall, 49, one of the organisers behind the free festival. "I like all of the acts but The Exhibition did it for me. I went to see them at the Polish Club not long back and their song 'Roma' should be in the charts.

"Mynas are also great. The way they bring in the violin really gives them a whole new dimension."

There are 99 bands on show at 11 venues in the town. Here's your WAB Guide on where your favourite acts are playing and what time they're there.

Blah Bar

The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican - 12.30pm

Mark Keeley - 1.30pm

Michael Dugher MP - 2.30pm

Mark Otway - 3.30pm

Wilde Sammon - 4.30pm

Dwight Pereira - 5.30pm

Kate Douglas - 6.30pm

Tribe of Juan - 7.30pm

Velcro Teddy Bears - 8.30pm


Razor Tones - 12.30pm

Kid Conventional - 1.30pm

Adam Guest - 2.30pm

The Janskys - 3.30pm

Nowherenearlondon - 4.30pm

Amy Condrey - 5.30pm

Steph Stephenson - 6.30pm

Mark Jackson's Criminal Waste of Talent - 7.30pm

Mynas - 8.30pm

The Courthouse

David Hale - 12.30pm

Darren Freeman - 1.30pm

Antesaint - 2.30pm

Matt Bentley - 3.30pm

Demographic - 4.30pm

The Stray Targets - 5.30pm

Broken Saints - 6.30pm

The Rudiments - 7.30pm

Andwhatarmy - 8.30pm


Outsider - 12pm

Dislocator - 1pm

Suzie Does It - 2pm

The Gifted - 3pm

Safe in the Crossfire - 4pm

Luva Gunk - 5pm

Hobson - 6pm

Frazer - 7pm

The Ratells - 8pm

Opium No 10

City of Lights - 12pm

Tokyo Witch Hunt - 1pm

Blind Drivers - 2pm

Knights - 3pm

Redmist Destruction - 4pm

Man Can't Fly - 5pm

The Exhibition - 6pm

Section II - 7pm

The Black Lamps - 8pm


Angels in Chaos - 12.30pm

F.D. - 1.30pm

Sophie DeBattista - 2.30pm

Faster the Chase - 3.30pm

Bad Cardigan - 4.30pm

Suilven - 5.30pm

Rolling Down Hills - 6.30pm

Red Jester - 7.30pm

Shermer - 8.30pm


The Hurriers - 12pm

James Coley - 1pm

Danny Maddocks - 2pm

Lee England - 3pm

For Pete's Sake - 4pm

Foenix - 5pm

Arifa - 6pm

Ashby - 7pm

The Glavins - 8pm


Black Moon Rising - 12.30pm

Classically Handsome Brutes - 1.30pm

Gymnast - 2.30pm

Polyopia - 3.30pm

Fold - 4.30pm

Coyote Mad Seeds - 5.30pm

Superintendent - 6.30pm

Stellavision 7.30pm

Imoko Set - 8.30pm

The Londoner

Fluffy Gremlins - 12pm

Danny Smart - 1pm

The White Wolves - 2pm

Sour Cherry - 3pm

Redlights - 4pm

Harriet Grant - 5pm

Black Vines - 6pm

The Mavis Seed - 7pm

Kartica - 8pm


The Tempertons - 12.30pm

Lauren Tate - 1.30pm

These Young Sons - 2.30pm

Black Shoes - 3.30pm

Aztec Doll - 4.30pm

My Forever - 5.30pm

See Emily Play - 6.30pm

Wildside Riot - 7.30pm

Guitar Winner - 8.30pm

Sour Cherry - 9.15pm

White Bear

The Sunbeams - 12pm

Spekulus - 1pm

CRY - 2pm

Brave New Storm - 3pm

Scoundrel - 4pm

The Torn - 5pm

Vanquish - 6pm

Raised As Wolves - 7pm

Hitomi - 8pm