A 'STUPID' teenager caused 2,500 pupils and staff to be evacuated from Horizon Community College.

The 16-year-old cost taxpayers almost £300 for the fire service to be called out, Barnsley Youth Court heard.

He said after his arrest that he activated the alarm 'for a bit of fun'.

Waseem Raja, prosecuting, said: "He simply let off a fire alarm. All 2,500 pupils and staff had to be evacuated. It cost £296 for the fire service to sort it all out."

Matthew Shepherd, defending, said it was a shame the teenager had been prosecuted because it would add to the cost to the taxpayer.

Mr Shepherd said: "He did not expect the fire service to be called out. The fire alarm he smashed is linked to the fire station.

"He was foolish and showed a lack of common sense."

Owen Gleadall, presiding, said: "Stop being so stupid."

The teenager, who admitted causing a false alarm, was given a three month order which is likely to involve him talking to fire fighters about the consequences of what he did and cleaning fire engines.