A PONY is recovering after being shot in the face with a 20-inch bolt arrow.

The RSPCA, who are appealing for information about the incident, has described the act as a ‘callous and brutal act of animal cruelty’.

The 10-year-old mare, Bambi, was in her field in Hoyland when the incident happened. The RSPCA believe the arrow was most likely shot from a crossbow.

Bambi was spotted with the arrow sticking out of her face by a member of the public Monday evening.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: "Bambi was examined by a vet and the arrow was cropped. She was then taken to the Churchfield Veterinary Centre’s equine unit at Penistone the next day.

"Bambi was x-rayed and it revealed that the arrow had gone in to her sinus about four inches deep."