BERNESLAI Homes staff have donated £100 awarded to them for being good employees to a town centre food bank.

The Gateway Church-based food bank is run by a team of seven volunteers and issues vouchers to Barnsley people who are in financial crisis.

Staff from Berneslai Homes' management teams have boosted the food bank coffers by donating money they received for going over and above their duties visiting all customers affected by welfare reforms, ensuring they were prepared for the changes.

Mark McGee, Berneslai Homes' housing management director, thanked the staff for donating their prize.

"The scheme is a real help to our tenants who find themselves in a financial crisis and puts a meal on their table," he said.

Vouchers from the food bank allows those in dire straits to go to Mottram Hall, on Mottram Street, and be given a food parcel that will last a family about three days.

Mottram Hall is open every Thursday, between 11am-1pm to issue the parcels. Each family can be issued up to three vouchers in a 12-month period which are adapted to the size of the family.