HUNDREDS of people across Barnsley have been summoned to court - after falling behind with their council tax.

They have been called to attend a court hearing at Barnsley Magistrates' on June 20.

The summons has been sent to everyone who is behind with payments. But in many cases people who are in arrears with the council tax are also in arrears with rent payments because of the 'bedroom tax' - a cut in benefits for people in council or social housing who have a spare room.

Darren Glover, 46, of Springbank Close, Carlton, has a weekly income of £43 hardship allowance - £18.10p of which is paid on gas, electric, water and his television licence.

That leaves him with less than £25 per week to pay his council tax, 'bedroom tax' and feed himself.

He has not paid any council tax, which is £3.50 per week, since April and is in rent arrears by £48. He has been summoned to court to pay his full council tax bill of £105 plus £52 court costs.

He added: "I'm not coping very well on less than £3.50 per day. I eat cereals for breakfast, toast during the day and might have a pie for tea.

"This letter has upset and frightened me."

Susan Moore, 55, of Clipstone Avenue, Athersley, has also fallen behind with her council tax payments and rent. She didn't pay anything before April and is now struggling.

She had a kidney transplant in June last year and has 21 grandchildren who all use her spare room at weekends when they come to stay.

She said: "It's wrong. I've told them I can't afford to pay it but they just said it will be stopped out of my money if I don't pay."

Fran Postlethwaite, of Barnsley Against Bedroom Tax, said campaigners were planning to 'blockade' the court.