We challenged the WABers to a Halloween Pumpkin carving competition on Friday night - and the winner will get a WAB limited edition 'I Talk Tarn' teeshirt.

We've been blown away by all the entries - there's some skilled pumpkin carvers in Barnsley!

It was so hard to choose one winner: so we chose three! All entries will get a WAB Car Sticker but the three I Talk Tarn tee winners are: Kel Fairweather; Dawn Morley and Striker's Angel!

1. Kel Fairweather

2. Kay Morrison

3. Kay Morrison

4. Tina Bannister

5. Tina Bannister

6. Tina Bannister

7. Mizta Robin

8. Jo Hague

9. Jo Hague

10. Janine Stevens

11. Clare Bannister

12. Tina Bannister

13. Tina Bannister

14. Donna Scales

15. Striker's Angel

16. Dawn Morley

17. Dawn Morley

18. Dawn Morley

19. Donna Land

20. Bianca Allyne

21. Liz Hurst

22. Rachel and Adam

23. Kerry Nunn

24. Maxine Hale

25. Nikki Potter

26. Kerry Nunn

27. Connor Grant

28. Tracy Padgett

29. Uploader Unknown (submitted via website)

30. Danny Betts

31. Neil Morley

32. Stacey Wormall

33. Cheryl Green

34. Nikki Ashcroft

35. Charise Oates