A CONTROVERSIAL clock which sparked outrage when it was unveiled five years ago is set to be repaired, two years after it stopped working. 

The clock that covers two sides of the Civic on Hanson Street cost £32,000 and was branded 'stupid' and a 'waste of money' - especially by those who struggled to work out the time on the quirky timepiece.

But then two years ago the Civic clock stopped completely and hasn't displayed the time since.

Now the new chief executive of the venue, Helen Ball, says she intends to take action to get the 40-metre wide electronic ticker working again.

"Quite simply it should be working," she said. "I understand that it's a bespoke piece - it's not an ordinary clock so we cannot just call a traditional clock repair company to get it fixed.

"However, we're already doing research to find out who we need to speak to and how much it will cost to get it working again. I completely understand why people would ask why it's not working."

The Civic clock was created on glass panels and features 24,500 tiny bulbs, which are supposed to light up to form red lines representing the hands of a clock.

Bristol-based artist Jack Walker, whose idea was chosen by a panel comprising of representatives from Barnsley Council, building users, the Arts Council and a firm of architects, claimed it was easy to tell the time.

But when the clock was revealed to Barnsley residents, they were less than enthusiastic.

Many people said they couldn't work out how to tell the time by looking at red dots and lines and for the past two years no-one has been able to because lights have not been visible.