BUSINESSES around Barnsley's Market Hill have appealed against their rates - because of disruption caused by the Town Hall development.

Leeds-based business rate surveyor Steven Simon is working with fashion store Pollyanna and hair salon Russell Eaton to get a business rate review.

Along with Gallery Menswear in the Arcade, the businesses say the loss of short stay parking has hit their trade.

Pollyanna owner Rita Britton said an elderly couple in their 80s, who travelled to her shop from Sheffield, had struggled to park.

She said: "He went to fetch the car to pick her up and it took him 20 minutes to navigate his way back. What I will never know is if they will come back."

Ms Britton applauded the council for developing the gardens and installing the sculpture but said: "Let's have a look at Barnsley business rates. Our big competition in this town is Meadowhall and if you don't make parking very easy people will head down the motorway."

Yasin Mir, who manages Gallery Menswear, said footfall had plummeted 50 per cent in six months - yet his business rates had risen to over £12,000 a year.

He blamed this on relocation of the council offices, town centre construction work and loss of parking.

He said: "Peel Street, Regent Street, the market and the Alhambra all have their own parking but where's the parking for Market Hill? It's no good saying our customers could park at Lidl - ours is a completely different type of customer."