A SPONSORED walk for charity has been organised for a Hoyland Common child with a rare genetic condition.

Lauren Taylor is just 18 months old, and in March last year she was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome - a disease which affects just one in 20,000 children.

The disorder means Lauren is hypersensitive to sound and noise and will learn slower than others.

Her dad Paul, 36, is doing a 24km walk in the Peak District on July 14 with friends and work colleagues, to raise money for the Williams Syndrome Foundation. 

Because the condition is so rare, the only real support available for parents is a link to the Williams Syndrome Foundation UK website.

Mum Katherine, 35, said: "When she was diagnosed we were pointed in the way of help, but because of how traumatic it was we were put off for a while.

"It can be quite lonely at first but when you look, you realise there are quite a few people who can help. There is even someone who lives around the corner from my sister in Manchester who has it."