A WOMAN has been jailed for six months for 'stupidly and thoughtlessly' stealing someone's purse during a sneak-in burglary.

Barnsley Magistrates' Court heard that Leanne Waite was struggling with a combination of personal problems when she committed the crime.

Eric Bray, defending Waite, said that her mother had died a few days earlier.

Her victim was having a nap as she burgled the home.

Mr Bray said Waite was 'beset with problems' just before she burgled the victim who was having a nap.

He said: "It seems she was not coping with the loss of her mother and with her drug and alcohol abuse.

"She had gone to speak to the victim and knocked on the door. There was no response, so she opened the door, saw the purse, took it and left."

Jayne Ormrod, prosecuting, said the victim had left the purse on a worktop in the kitchen and went to sleep after getting home from work.

The victim was awoken by the door shutting as Waite left. Mrs Ormrod said the crime came to light when Waite was later seen by police knelt by the side of the road apparently trying to stuff something down a grate in a gutter.

Waite, 35, of Woodhall Road, Darfield, who admitted burglary, told police after her arrest that she drank two bottles of vodka a day and regularly used crack cocaine, according to Mrs Ormrod.