ONE of Barnsley's most notorious shoplifters has been sent behind bars for 46 weeks for stealing - just 24 hours after being given a last chance.

Prolific Patricia Siddall, 46, had been given a suspended prison sentence and a stern warning at Barnsley Magistrates' Court, in a hope that she'd see sense and take it as a final warning.

Chantel Lowery-Green, prosecuting, said Siddall, of Darfield, stole toiletries worth £51 from Wilkinson the day after being in court.

The hearing heard Siddall had been on heroin since she was 11 when she was introduced to it at school.

But she had been on a methadone programme over the last couple of months and was 'clean' of heroin and cocaine for the first time in years.

Siddall has committed more than 80 shop thefts during her criminal career. She has served six jail sentences since 2011.