A COUNCILLOR has called for a speed camera on Engine Lane after two men died following a car accident on Sunday.

Cllr Dave North said he was saddened by the accident which killed soldier Josh Powell, 18, and Daniel Hancock, 25.

He said efforts had been made for years to get speed restrictions on the stretch of road and called for a camera to be installed.

"I walk along it and use it regularly and the speeds drivers are going, it's totally unacceptable. We need to get some sort of speed restriction," he said.

The pair were travelling in a Peugeot 306 convertible when they left the road, hitting a lamp post, crashing through a wall and into a house.

Owners of the home, Carl and Julie Jackson said they built the garden wall for extra protection after a car ended up in the front garden three or four years ago.

Carl added there have been numerous accidents on Engine Lane and something needed to be done to curb speeding motorists.