BOROUGH councillors were paid more than £900,000 in allowances in the last financial year - including seven who earned more than £24,000.

The highest earner was council leader Steve Houghton, whose allowance was £35,657.90.

His deputy, Cllr Jim Andrews, was paid £26,759 while Cllr Linda Burgess (£24,504), Cllr Tim Cheetham (£24,518), Cllr Roy Miller (£24,999), Cllr Jenny Platts (£24,586.45) and Cllr Dick Wraith (£29,668.85) also broke the £24,000 mark.

Each councillor is given a basic allowance of £10,426 which is topped up with 'special responsibility allowance' payments for duties such as being a cabinet member or leading a scrutiny commission.

Cllr Miller's allowance included a payment of £14,078 in recognition of his cabinet duties and he also claimed £495 for travel and subsistence.

Only 25 councillors made travel and subsistence claims in total, and the highest was made by Cllr May Noble, who represents the Dearne South ward.

She was paid £848.70 on top of the £13,328 she gets for her council, planning board, appeals and standards board duties.

The payments cover the period April 1 2012, to March 31 2013.

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