A MOTHER has described how her son was 'traumatised' by a mobility scooter accident.

Jeanette Woodcock, 29, said she and two friends were walking with their young children at around 11.40am last Monday when a man driving a mobility scooter came up behind them.

The scooter didn't stop and it drove into them, pushing the group against metal bars erected outside the Butcher's pub beer garden - as well as pushing over a pushchair one of the children was in.

Jeanette, of Wombwell, said her 15-month-old son Blake injured the inside of his mouth during the incident and was bleeding profusely - adding he had been 'traumatised' by the experience.

Her friend Zoe Baker, 21, was left with a sprained ankle, and although her young son was unhurt she said he had been screaming in the night due to nightmares.

Another child was left with a grazed face after the pushchair he was in was shoved on its side.

Jeanette said she does not believe the man meant to drive into them but said he did not take necessary precautions.

She said: "He told us he couldn't stop, which is what upset me, as he should have given us warning. But he was so arrogant - he was awful and really rude about it."

Wombwell Safer Neighbourhod Team Sgt Phil Jenkins said police were investigating the incident as, although the scooters aren't classed as 'mechanically propelled vehicles', they're included in the Road Traffic Act.