THERE has been good news for Barnsley town centre - a further £3million is to be spent on improvements.

As work on the new park at the side of Barnsley Town Hall is due to be completed next month, an announcement is due shortly of a £3million grant to improve key town centre streets.

It is expected that European regional development fund money will confirmed by the government within the next few weeks.

That will mean the money will be spent improving Eastgate, Regent Street North and South, Mandela Gardens, Eldon Street and Market Hill.

The car parking area on Market Hill will be redesigned and enhanced, pavements will be updated and environmental improvements carried out.

"It is very good news for our ongoing plans to improve the town centre," said Cllr Steve Houghton.

"We are determined to ensure we make it as attractive and pleasant as possible for all visitors and potential investors.

"Anything we can so do to make Barnsley look and feel better has to be good for the town and its people and hopefully will encourage as many businesses as possible to invest here."